Best RGB motherboard

Nowadays gamers choose RGB motherboards for their computer. The main feature is its LEDs and lighting strips which help for setting the tone for the game.Know more about RGB motherboard for your CPU

Buying an RGB motherboard is the same as buying a normal motherboard. RGB motherboard has advanced features along with the RGB lighting. Always check the motherboard’s compatibility and speed before buying a motherboard. The motherboard compatibility is based on form factor and the processor socket while the speed is based on the RAM size.

Following are the top RGB motherboards with their reviews:

  1. Gigabyte Z490 AorusXtreme WF
    • Ø Z490 AorusXtreme WF is one of the best RGB motherboards from Gigabyte. 16-phase VRM is the heavy budget motherboard that needs a custom-designed Monoblock for water cooling. The role of the AIO water block is to cool the CPU, VRM, Chipset, and the M.2 SSD. The design is made to have more RGB implementation throughout the board along with Multi-Zone Light Show customization and the user will have full charge of the LEDs.
    • Ø RGB Fusion 2.0 interface is being held by the 8 of each RGB and ARGB LED headers. It will result in effortless personalizing of the rig and syncing it with all components and peripherals. Gigabyte has taken gaming to next level with interactive lighting effects for a good experience. This board has features that it can support like two 40Gb/s Thunderbolt 3 ports and the new network level.
    • Ø Z490 is well supported in the latest Intel 10th Gen processors. This motherboard is the top priority for i3 10100, i5 10600K, and i7 10700K. When you think about the motherboard’s performance Z490 AorusXtreme WF is a good option, but when you look at the amount you need to think twice.
    • Ø Pros
      • Monoblock with all features within it.
      • Managing a cable is not a big work.
      • Connectivity at its best.
      • It has 10 GbE LAN and Thunderbolt 3.
    • Ø Cons
      • High cost
  2. Asus ROG Strix RGB Motherboard
  • Ø Gaming laptops, gaming accessories like motherboards, keyboards, mouses, and headphones are mostly famous in the Asus ROG brand.
  • Ø Asus ROG’s motherboard contains 12+2 DrMOS power stages and gives high power to the PC. Since it gives high power, it is expected to be overheating. But it does not allow for overheating. This overheating is being abolished and the motherboard is cooled due to fanless VRM and chipset heatsinks. It contains an AMD AMS socket that supports the 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen and Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 CPUs.
  • Ø The connectivity in this motherboard is simple because of the HDMI port, Display Port, and USB port. The inbuilt features are an AI noise mic with high fidelity audio. You can also change the RGB lighting by making use of RGB headers.
  • Ø Features
    • It has an AM4 CPU socket.
    • It contains an AMD B550 chipset.
    • The memory speed is 4400 MHz.
    • There are 12+2 DrMOS power stages.
    • You can customize RGB lighting.
    • There is a 3-year warranty.
  • Ø Pros
    • It is supportable in 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen and Zen 3 Ryzen 5000 CPUs.
    • There are efficient connectivity options.
    • Heat is being removed well.
  • Ø Cons
    • There are problems with the LAN driver and Ethernet driver.