Eliteserver Review: Cheap Managed Dedicated Servers For Your Business

There’s a lot of confusion among new business owners about the difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. They don’t understand which one to choose for their business, and we cannot blame them for it. As a business owner, you don’t have to worry about your web hosting plan rather you should focus on your primary business.

But, when do you focus on business completely?

It’s when your web hosting provider takes a guarantee of your online business.

That is why choosing a trusted web hosting partner is equally important of choosing the cheap managed dedicated server or any other hosting plan. 

So, let me first solve the common concern, that’s the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. 

In shared hosting the resources required to host your website like RAM, bandwidth, etc, get shared among all the websites hosted on a single server. Thus, it is a good option only for small blogs or new websites. As, the resources are not evenly distributed, chances are the website may fall short of them.

On the other hand, in dedicated hosting, every website hosted on cheap managed dedicated servers get different resources. That means, there is no sharing of resources, so even the old/mature websites can easily be hosted on it. It also provides a high level of security to all the websites hosted on a server.

In this digital era, it is very important for businesses to have their own website, irrespective of the size. The most common option is shared hosting. But, if the business needs more power and control over the website then cheap managed dedicated servers is the best option. 

Thus, in the article, we will talk everything about cheap dedicated hosting servers from Eliteserver. The company offers the best NVME dedicated servers  cPanel server management, cheap windows dedicated servers and also affordable SSD managed dedicated servers.

NVME Dedicated Server.

It is the best option if you wish to enhance your website’s performance to handle a heavy workload. With NVME Dedicated server you get to enjoy enhanced bandwidth that ensures you the next-generation performance.

Managed cPanel Dedicated Server.

 cPanel server management from Eliteserver is well equipped with the top-notch technology that is capable of offering dedicated cPanel server solutions needed for businesses. 

What is cPanel server management?

cPanel (control panel) is a web-based hosting control panel which is offered by Eliteserver. cPanel allows owners to access and manage their website through an easy-to-use web-based interface. 

Using cPanel panel, you can easily manage domains, files and emails. Within cPanel you can create FTP accounts that are used to access your files. In Emails, you will be able to check, or add new emails or even change the password. 

Windows Dedicated Server at a cheap price.

If you are a Windows operating system user, then windows dedicated server is a best choice for you. When your website starts to run slowly, then it’s a sign that you need a cheap managed dedicated servers. Windows dedicated server is high quality and low-cost option to start with. Since, this server is dedicated only for your website, you can easily perform the needed customization of the server at any point of time. 

SSD Dedicated Servers at a cheap price.

SSD is generally used to provide high speed for your website. The high-performing SSD is loaded with the latest and most advanced processors. So, if your motive is to get a faster speed website, then SSD dedicated server is the best solution for you.

Benefits of using Cheap Managed Dedicated Servers :

No Resource Sharing 

 While you select a committed web hosting company, like Eliteserver, you are entitled to get the entire resource of the server. The webpages run easily without clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. Vast bandwidth usage and terrible scripts don’t preclude your business with committed servers.

 Tight Safety and Improved Performance 

 cPanel Dedicated server management and cheap managed dedicated servers can provide maximum uptime for the internet site. In case your business runs in particular on online platforms with masses of site visitors, committed servers may be greater dependable due to their stability and reliability than shared web hosting. Shared servers can invite malicious websites and spammers in your website. Dedicated hosting permits enhanced protection which is pretty helpful to corporations that do touchy transactions.


 Cheap Dedicated servers can be customised to meet customer necessities. Every enterprise may need distinctive usage of CPU, RAM, Diskspace and software programs. With shared web hosting, a purchaser is confined to the programs, software program, and operating environment already loaded at the server. they will either offer the software program a client doesn’t want or lack matters that they do. The client can select the platform and software program they actually need, allowing more manipulation over how their committed server is configured. Even customized cloud infrastructure may be constructed the use of the committed servers at the backend.

 Dedicated IP Address

 Each server has its personal particular IP address. Whereas, in shared hosting, an IP deal might have more than one website. unsolicited mail websites can push down your internet site if they aren’t properly managed. dedicated servers offer a unique IP deal which is essentially used for going for walks on e-trade websites and is additionally secured by using installing the SSL.

 No Overheads

 devoted web hosting is a fee-powerful manner to get right of entry to a whole server. imposing committed hosting can help the business to pay attention on different aspects of boom. A committed hosting provider comes with the cost of constructing, and preserving server device and reduces the overheads on the enterprise. dedicated web hosting is more expensive in comparison to shared website hosting. web sites that convey an excessive amount of site visitors and want occasional customization, dedicated hosting is truly the high-quality option.

 Backup Servers

There continually has been a danger of facts protection malfunction, weather event or every other unseen situation, the commercial enterprise would possibly want on the spot get admission to facts for resuming operation without affecting the business. 

Conclusion :

Dedicated hosting is the right suit if you want to enjoy all the benefits of web hosting. The security, and unlimited resources, provided with cheap managed dedicated servers is of top-notch quality. So, next time, if you want to make your website sturdy and better performing, then dedicated hosting is a solution for you.