Experts of DigitalWhiteLabels on handling keywords in SEO like a master!

Although it might seem that the years of keywords are gone years, they still are here for a long time. It would not be wrong to consider keywords as the currency of the internet. But what most people often fall at is the thought that the more the merrier. Thus, they keep on washing their content with a single shade of targeted keywords. Result? Keyword Stuffing. Consequence? Poor ranking. So, we approached to learn how masters handle keywords. Digital White Labels is SEO Agency that has been helping companies in the digital area for years. It told us that the recipe for keywords perfection is simple, and yet is not.

Handling keywords in SEO is like watching your words while talking to your wife! You never know when you have gone over.

Handling keywords in SEO like a master!

Keywords are like the holy grail in the SEO words. After all, they are the key that holds the ability to unlock the dreamy doors. But the land that promises higher attainment also sees the highest number of follies. People often lose their rationality while drunk in greed and passion to take it all. And this very thing is what drives people to handle keywords like a drunk.

But if keywords hold the way to open the door towards digital heavens, why do nearly 99% of websites fail to open such doors? The situation is such terrible that most of the websites do not even get to cross even the first step, said Here are some of the most common areas that people fall at –

  • Research
  • frequency
  • position
  • density
  • length and competition

But what are these things? And how do you work around these things?

We’ll be discussing these things and how you should work around these things.

1 – Keyword Research in SEO!

The very common area that people ignore is the research area. They keep on sending their pigeons to the wrong addresses. Keywords are like the engine of the whole internet train. If it is of the wrong power or with the wrong address, consequences follow. And these consequences are what trouble people the most. Most of the time, people target the wrong keywords. These wrong keywords then target the wrong crown. This wrong crowd thus shows no interest in the website and its content. Consequently, Google takes it as a sign of poor quality content and thus downranks the websites.

Said, keyword research is the very first step of walking down the digital paths. Excelling this step is indeed necessary. But what is more necessary is to find the right step. The one thing you must know, says DigitalWhiteLabels, is SEO Agency never ignores keyword research.

But, how do we do the keyword research?

Keyword research involves certain steps and some tools. Here is the process for excelling at keyword research and implementation like the SEO experts do –

  • Know your targeted customer base.
  • Do local research on what colloquial your targeted customer base uses.
  • Make a list of topics you cover.
  • Use tools like Moz, SemRush, UberSuggest, etc. to learn about what people are searching around your topics. It is a great investment. Otherwise, you may hire an SEO agency.
  • Look for related terms at the bottom of the Google search page. They are similar terms to what your customers might be using. It extends your reach.
  • Do not target head-keywords (short keywords with high competition) at the starting stage.

These are some of the things that you must follow.

2 – Take care of keyword frequency!

The more is not always the merrier. Try it in your articles and you’ll find yourself running like a chicken on the beach crying “the more is not freakin merrier”.

Keyword stuffing was a technique that the world had brutally exploited in the early 2000s to manipulate search engines. It was soon red-flagged, said Stuffing your content with keywords will not only lead to falling in ranking but even a permanent ban from the servers. If you find your SEO agency stuffing content with keywords, know that you are into the wrong hands that have the palm lines matching those of scammers.

3 – Keyword Position!

Upon getting asked where to use the keywords in the content, Google representative John Mueller said that the earlier the better. He said,

“If your content is about Serotonin, we’d not like to wait for 10 pages and then hear about Serotonin. It will freak us out to wait for that long. The earlier the better. Try using it in the title (but do not try to manipulate, for Google is brutally smart now) and even in the early paragraphs.”

Keywords indicate Google about what the content is speaking. It relies on certain hints. It reads the title, subheadings, paragraphs, etc.

4 – Keyword Density!

Do not mistake keyword density with keyword stuffing. These are two different things, although somehow similar. Keyword density is the ratio of a keyword or a phrase with the total number of keywords. For example, if your content is of 1000 words and you have used “SEO agency” 10 times in it, then the keyword density will be 2×10/1000 x100 = 2%. Advises, you would not want to make certain phrases very dense as compared to other words in the article. It will indicate that there is manipulation.

5 – Keyword length!

The most common mistake that people do is to target the keywords with high search volume. There is a tendency to move towards where the crowd is. But know that where the crowd remains, there generally remains high competition. You’d not want to fight the biggest bull in the arena without going through certain levels (unless you have a brutally high budget to spend on an expert Digital Marketing and SEO agency)

Start with tail keywords that have low competition. For example, instead of targeting “blue shoes” straightaway, try targeting “blue suede shoes with calf length”. This will slowly boost you up. Why? Because these are the keywords that have low competition and thus you can start getting visitors. This slow boost will enlarge your digital image and Google will start taking you as a serious player.

These are some of the areas that you must focus on while handling the keywords. The way to the top of SERP is a long one. It requires an immense amount of time and effort. You might not want to ruin it all with a wrong start. DigitalWhiteLabels is SEO Agency that has helped businesses get revenue growth over 7 million. Consult them for free to know how you can help your business survive the world wild web.