How Effective Are Bulk SMS Services in Contact Tracing?

After the devastating effects of the Covi-19 pandemic, businesses could not wait to reopen and welcome back customers. It is more important than ever to ensure all systems are in place to reach out to those customers you might have lost through contact tracing.

There is a ton of information and resources on how you can utilize bulk SMS services in any business to reach out to customers with notifications, alerts, safety advice, promotions, and quick sales to attract them to your doors.

During the Covid-19 period, SMS was the go-to channel for many businesses, but what about now. How have things changed? Are some companies missing a trick with contact tracing?

How Companies are Capturing Info for Contact Tracing

There is a significant disparity in the strategies businesses use to trace their customers. Brands that are more prominent can adopt chain-wide technologies that small enterprises cannot afford. Most small businesses are still struggling to collect contact information for all the customers they receive in their place of business.

Some businesses still collect customer information manually. Others have implemented approaches that prompt customers to scan a QR code for entry or a specific service. However, what happens if the customer does not have a phone that supports this technology?

There is a simple solution to this problem – bulk SMS. Once again, this form of communication provides a quick, effective, and cost-friendly way of gathering information.

How SMS Can Enhance Contact Tracing for Small Businesses

SMS is highly crucial in tracing customers since it is native to all handsets. It does not require any 4G or internet connectivity to reach the customer.

Almost everyone today has a mobile phone, and it is something they always carry everywhere they go. Using SMS for tracing your contacts is as simple as this:

  1. When customers visit your business, ask them to send a text such as “Register” to a specific number, say 41123. There are no hidden fees in doing so, only the standard rates of their carrier, but if you want to absorb this rate on their behalf, it is also allowed.
  2. Once you receive the message, store the number in your online database with a date and a timestamp of their visit.
  3. Next, reply automatically to each customer to offer reassurance. An excellent example of a message to send is: “That you for registering to our services today. Your safety is our concern. Should we intend to reach you as part of our contact tracing, we’ll text using this number.”
  4. When you need to contact your previous customers, you can easily send a broadcast message to your SMS mobile database for your bulk SMS account in seconds.

How Do You Get Started?

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