How to create and manage note templates on online notepad?

Welcome to Online Notepad – the best place on the web to create, organize, and share all your notes online for free! With our intuitive note-taking platform, you easily create customized note templates to save time and standardize your notes.

Why use note templates?

Note templates allow you to preset the formatting and structure of your notes for different purposes. By saving templates for common note types you need, you skip manually customizing a new note every time. Some key benefits of using note templates include:

  • Save Time – With pre-made templates, you don’t have to format new notes from scratch each time. Just open the right template and start writing. This boosts productivity.
  • Standardization – Templates ensure your notes of a certain type follow the same structure every time. This makes them easy to organize and find later.
  • Branding – Custom branded templates allow consistency with company or personal branding.
  • Customization – Tailor templates for their intended use with colors, fonts, sections, etc.

Creating your first note template 

Creating a note template on Online Notepad is simple and only takes a few clicks. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to [] and login to your account.
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon to open a new note.
  3. Customize the note settings as you want them to appear in your template:
  • Add a title and subtitle
  • Change text fonts, colors, alignments
  • Add section headings or divides
  • Upload images or files
  • Apply numbering or bullets
  1. Once happy with the template design, click the 3-dot menu in the top right and select ‘Save As Template’.
  2. Name your template and click on the “Save” button.

That’s it! Your template is now available to select when making new notes.

Creating multiple templates

You create unlimited templates for all your note-taking needs. Here are some common template types to consider:

  • Meeting Notes – Sections for agenda, attendance, notes, actions, etc.
  • Project Notes – Headers for project name, stage, team, deadlines.
  • Blog Ideas – Title and sections for main themes, sources, outline.
  • Study Notes – Space for key terms, diagrams, and exam scope summary.
  • Trip Planning – Itinerary, bookings, budget, and packing lists.

Think about the types of notes you take regularly and create tailored templates for them. This will speed up your note-taking tremendously. Visit here for more info about online note.

Managing your templates

Once you have multiple note templates created, you view and organize them centrally as follows:

  • On the notes page, click the 3-dot menu > ‘Templates’ to open your template library.
  • Here you preview thumbnail images of templates, search for them by name, and open and edit them.
  • Mark favorite templates for quick access from the notes menu.
  • Download templates to your computer or share them with other users.
  • Reorder templates into custom folders to organize them.
  • Rename, duplicate, or delete templates.

Keeping your templates managed ensures you always quickly find the right one to use.