Things to Think About When Constructing an ADU

If you’ve ever considered making more room for yourself or a family member, there are a couple of considerations to think about. You may either create a bedroom or renovate your garage. Nonetheless, building suites called accessory dwelling units (ADUs) have become more prevalent. These structures cover a large area and can be built in a variety of styles.

However, before you take advantage of the chance, you must be conscious of a few facts concerning ADUs to establish if they are appropriate for your home. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about ADU design, financing, and construction. If ADU housing seems to be intriguing to you, contact Acton ADU for assistance with California projects or answers to any lingering questions.

What Is an ADU?

Before beginning a home repair project, be sure you understand what you’re committing yourself to. An ADU is a dwelling unit constructed on residential land. It is frequently used to house smaller homes. Many people choose nursing homes for older relatives. Others may choose to rent them out in order to supplement their income.

Nonetheless, they are only one of the ADU’s two roles. This sort of solution may be able to meet any additional space needs. You may have an ADU and have considered incorporating any of the following into your home:

  • Libraries: If you are an avid reader, you almost definitely have a substantial book collection. You may make a reading nook in your new home. Because you are not at home, you will have the peace and quiet you require to feel comfortable and pay attention to what you are reading.
  • Home Gyms: Even if you don’t want to pay the hefty cost of a gym membership, you should exercise. ADUs can contain all of the essential workout equipment since they may be designed with open floor designs.
  • Studios: Artists require and deserve a place to practice their trade. An ADU might be the ideal solution for them. Make sure you have enough storage space for everything from paint to brushes, so you don’t waste time looking for specific colors or materials. Photographers with studios may also profit from these apartments.
  • Home Offices: As more individuals work from home, they will need a suitable workspace to fulfill their tasks. For a change of scenery and fewer distractions, consider converting your office to a house by adding an ADU to your primary residence.

While these represent some of the more prevalent possibilities, ADUs may be tailored to your specific needs. Once you’ve agreed on a plan, you can start looking for a reliable contractor to help you through the process.

Dimensions of an ADU

In addition to having a notion of what you’re looking for in the living space, consider the size of the property. Although most people believe that larger is better, this is not necessarily true. Your property can only hold so many people before it becomes overcrowded.

Furthermore, going overboard with your ADU may result in an undesirable extra space. As a result, you’ll be able to save money. To avoid this, speak with an experienced ADU builder, like the ones at Acton ADU, who will guide you on the best size for your needs.


Building an ADU, like any other form of construction or home renovation project, will be costly. While you may assume that this would be costly and empty your bank account, specific financing solutions may be available to assist you. Renters of Acton ADUs can get 30-year fixed loans, relocate liquid assets, or even sell other properties.

Before you start a project, be sure that you understand how much it will cost. You don’t want to be surprised when you see the final price and learn it wasn’t as low as you had thought. Create a budget with your builder to assist you in selecting materials and interior design elements.


Some authorities place restrictions on what may and cannot be done with assets within their jurisdiction. Existing structures will need to be enlarged to accommodate this. You may face penalties or even prison if you begin building a dwelling without their consent.

You must conduct a study to avoid problems like these. This is a straightforward activity that may be accomplished online. Nonetheless, approaching a governing body in person is preferred. This guarantees you the most accurate answer available. For further permissions, you should reach out to your local Homeowners’ Association (HOA).

With a few exceptions, ADUs are permitted throughout much of California. Acton ADU has over 40 sites around the state, so they are knowledgeable about the zoning restrictions in each region and can immediately advise you on exactly what you are able to accomplish with your designs.


ADUs can be large projects, meaning that they are not intended to be do-it-yourself projects. To complete the ADU effectively and to your satisfaction, you will need to engage the best construction crew. You should also make certain that they are adequately insured and licensed.

When browsing for reviews online, look at prior projects to determine whether they meet your requirements. Examine their warranties and policies to ensure you understand what you’re getting into. Even if they are reliable sources, their work may fall short of your expectations.

Acton ADU, thankfully, offers a diverse selection of ADU floorplans to consumers. This is because they recognize that no two people have the same tastes for where they reside and want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. To make matters even better, they will warn you right away if there are any restrictions you should be aware of.

Acton ADU projects are completed on time, and you are kept informed at all stages. Each step of the method is explained in detail, such as cost breakdowns and essential components. They recognize that this ADU is yours and want you to be an integral part of the construction process from start to finish. Examine all of the services on to determine whether they will be useful to you.

ADUs are an intriguing alternative due in part to their numerous advantages. All you need to understand is what you desire and whether it is a doable undertaking in light of your existing living situation. With a little study, Acton ADU can help you add elegance to your home.