Tips on Writing a Good Feature Article

Feature articles combine difficult facts with rigorously sourced details to paint a detailed picture and provide a complete story. Learn how to write a top story with these tips. You can Short an article with the help of online service. Featured articles are news that goes beyond the facts that are shared and tell exciting stories. Featured articles differ from real news stories because they offer an in-depth perspective on a particular subject. An excellent top story will grab the reader’s attention until the end. It presents a concise story that will leave a lasting impression.

Do your research:

Top stories need more than straightforward facts and sensory details like evidence, quotes, anecdotes, and interviews are all helpful in gathering information for your own story. Or anyone who can fill in any gaps or missing parts of the story gives a more three-dimensional feel. It helps you create more vivid and exciting stories. You can also get Short a news from the online services.

Have interesting headlines:

Top stories depend on the writer’s ability to keep the reader’s attention throughout the story. But the harder part is getting them interested enough to read the story in the first place and the headline is the first thing your readers will see. Therefore, it is imperative to delve into or ask the questions your readers want your story to answer. You can also write Short articles with exciting information to attract viewers.

Connect the Dots:

The featured news writing style is structured similarly to how short story fiction is written. But don’t be afraid to create your own featured story format as long as the information blends seamlessly with your narrative and creates scenes that are connected by emotional arcs. You always write interesting articles, even when making a personality profile. Your top story should include why this person deserves mention and why readers should care about them. Each element of the story should have a purpose to set the stage for your readers and convey the main point in an interesting and fun way.

Open with intrigue:

If you engage your readers with a headline, the starting paragraph is where you connect them to the rest of the story. The first paragraph should introduce tension. As you question or guess why this news event is worth paying attention to your first few lines give the reader a reason to continue reading. You can also attract viewers with Short news.

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