Looking into Predicted Future Content Marketing Trends

Predicting the future with complete accuracy is impossible but we have all felt pressured to try. We all have a job to keep up with audience preferences and adjusting ourselves to industry shifts. 

Which is why many experts in the IT field have come together to talk about the future trends of content to figure out the field of marketing. Here are some of the possible trends we believe are going to be revealed soon in the coming future. 

Robotic Content 

Generated content via artificial intelligence has come to existence. It is good enough to make movie scripts, videos, poetry, art, and so much more. Plus, it’s also good enough to create blog posts and tweets. Consequently, it has led many to believe that artificial intelligence bots will begin to generate endless amounts of conet that will significantly affect content marketing on a whole other level. 

Topical Authority Will Take Over 

Google tends to place more emphasis on expertise depth as compared to other aspects of content like link building. Backlinking used to be a primary factor when it came to building authority within the SEO landscape – but now expertise has begun to grow even more in importance. 

Your ability to use one keyword in your content does not ensure that Google will reward it – but what it instead focuses on is how well your content has fixed itself within the context of your website. 

Value-driven Content 

Everyday, customers tend to get bombarded with diverse types of content – which means that they will become picky about where they want their attention to go. According to Josh Spiker from Growth Content, he believes that this can have a massive impact on how companies distribute their content. “Hopefully, we’ll see the end of gated content for everything but the best and most original research.” he says, “The cycle of giving away emails for bad ebooks and guides is over.” 

Eventually, people will become unwilling to share their information in exchange for any mediocre content so it is crucial that companies should showcase their value immediately. 

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