In this day and age we have so many photos and files on our phones and laptops it’s hard to keep up with where, when or what is stored. Sorting and organising your photos is a time consuming and tedious job that not many people really have the time to do.

Nobody wants to lose any of their photos as there are so many memories stored in each one so backing up your phone, laptop or smart device is essential because we all know how reliable some of them can be. Unfortunately, this is not a job that many people want to do but now there is something that can do all this for you, saving you the time to add to your photo collection.

Here we will have a brief look at what ThePhotoStick does but if you would like to see a full review of it then click ThePhotoStick link.

What is ThePhotoStick?

Quite simply ThePhotoStick is a small, thumb USB drive that searches through your files to find the photographs and automatically backs them up to the drive when it is connected to your computer.

The drive is capable of storing up to 60,000 photos and keeping them safe in its memory. After all it is much easier to recover your photos from a working USB drive than it is to recover them from a unreliable hard drive if your laptop has given up on you.

The drive is compatible with MAC, Linux and Windows operating systems and its available for a very affordable price.

You may be thinking that this drive just sound the same as any USB drive that you already own but ThePhotoStick or PhotoStick has software that can search your entire hard drive for all photos, even those you may have lost somewhere along the way. The software is also capable of searching for videos and documents as well. All of this happens in a matter of minutes.

What sizes does it come in?

ThePhotoStick comes in three different sizes, the smallest is an 8 GB drive capable of storing upto 3,500 photos, the next size is a 64 GB drive with the capability of holding up to 30,000 photos, and finally you have the largest which is a 128 GB drive capable of storing up to 60,000 photographs.

All PhotoStick’s come with a built in app that helps you quickly locate and transfer each piece of media you wish to store and keep safe.